Integrating Grafana with ClickHouse

Installing and configuring Grafana with ClickHouse

Grafana dashboards provide dynamic, beautiful displays of account transactions, system performance, and other data that keep teams on top of what their data means.

When combined with the analytical power and speed of ClickHouse, organizations can monitor everything from financial transactions to network performance, security threats to shipping routes.

The following guides detail how to:

  • Install Grafana and the plugins for ClickHouse
  • Integrate your Grafana server with a ClickHouse cluster
  • Create sample dashboards and panels in Grafana with your ClickHouse data.

How to Install Grafana and ClickHouse Plugins

Basic instructions on installing Grafana with support for ClickHouse

How to Connect Grafana to ClickHouse

Connecting a Grafana server to ClickHouse and

Create Grafana Dashboards from ClickHouse Data

How to turn ClickHouse queries into Grafana dashboards and panels.