Install and Verify the Altinity Kubernetes Operator

The Altinity Kubernetes Operator can be installed in just a few minutes with a single command into your existing Kubernetes environment.

For those who need a more customized installation or want to build the Altinity Kubernetes Operator themselves can do so through the Operator Installation Guide.


Before starting, make sure you have the following installed:

Quick Install

To install the Altinity Kubernetes Operator into your existing Kubernetes environment, run the following or download the Altinity Kubernetes Operator install file to modify it as best fits your needs. For more information custom Altinity Kubernetes Operator settings that can be applied, see the Operator Guide.

We recommend that when installing the Altinity Kubernetes Operator, specify the version to be installed. This insures maximum compatibility with applications and established Kubernetes environments running your ClickHouse clusters. For more information on installing other versions of the Altinity Kubernetes Operator, see the specific Version Installation Guide.

The most current version is 0.18.1:

kubectl apply -f

Output similar to the following will be displayed on a successful installation. For more information on the resources created in the installation, see [Altinity Kubernetes Operator Resources]({<ref “operatorresources” >}) created created created
serviceaccount/clickhouse-operator created created created
configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-files created
configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-confd-files created
configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-configd-files created
configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-templatesd-files created
configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-usersd-files created
deployment.apps/clickhouse-operator created
service/clickhouse-operator-metrics created

Quick Verify

To verify that the installation was successful, run the following. On a successful installation you’ll be able to see the clickhouse-operator pod under the NAME column.

kubectl get pods --namespace kube-system
NAME                                   READY   STATUS    RESTARTS       AGE
clickhouse-operator-77b54889b4-8sgt5   2/2     Running   0              5s
coredns-78fcd69978-nthp2               1/1     Running   2 (101m ago)   23d
etcd-minikube                          1/1     Running   2 (101m ago)   23d
kube-apiserver-minikube                1/1     Running   2 (101m ago)   23d
kube-controller-manager-minikube       1/1     Running   2 (101m ago)   23d
kube-proxy-lsggn                       1/1     Running   2 (101m ago)   23d
kube-scheduler-minikube                1/1     Running   2 (101m ago)   23d
storage-provisioner                    1/1     Running   5 (100m ago)   23d