Quick Start Guide

Become familiar with the Kubernetes clickhouse-operator in the fewest steps.

If you’re running the clickhouse-operator for Kubernetes for the first time, or just want to get it up and running as quickly as possible, the Quick Start Guide is for you.


  • An operating system running Kubernetes and Docker, or a service providing support for them such as AWS.
  • A ClickHouse remote client such as clickhouse-client. Full instructions for installing ClickHouse can be found on the ClickHouse Installation page.


Install and Verify the clickhouse-operator.

First Clusters

Create your first ClickHouse Cluster

Zookeeper and Replicas

Install Zookeeper and Replicas

Persistent Storage

How to set up persistent storage for your ClickHouse Kubernetes cluster.

Last modified 2021.02.01: Kubernetes guides.