ClickHouse Operator Settings

Settings and configurations for clickhouse-operator

The clickhouse-operator settings can be modified through clickhouse-operator-install.yaml file in the section marked ClickHouse Settings Section.

New User Settings

Setting Default Value Description
chConfigUserDefaultProfile default Sets the default profile used when creating new users.
chConfigUserDefaultQuota default Sets the default quota used when creating new users.
chConfigUserDefaultNetworksIP ::1
Specifies the networks that the user can connect from. Note that allows access from all networks.
chConfigUserDefaultPassword default The initial password for new users.

ClickHouse Operator Settings

The ClickHouse Operator role can connect to the ClickHouse database to perform the following:

  • Metrics requests
  • Schema Maintenance
  • Drop DNS Cache

Additional users can be created with this role by modifying the usersd XML files.

Setting Default Value Description
chUsername clickhouse_operator The username for the ClickHouse Operator user.
chPassword clickhouse_operator_password The default password for the ClickHouse Operator user.
chPort 8123 The IP port for the ClickHouse Operator user.

Log Parameters

The Log Parameters sections sets the options for log outputs and levels.

Setting Default Value Description
logtostderr true If set to true, submits logs to stderr instead of log files.
alsologtostderr false If true, submits logs to stderr as well as log files.
v 1 Sets V-leveled logging level.
stderrthreshold "" The error threshold. Errors at or above this level will be submitted to stderr.
vmodule "" A comma separated list of modules and their verbose level with {module name} = {log level}. For example: "module1=2,module2=3".
log_backtrace_at "" Location to store the stack backtrace.

Runtime Parameters

The Runtime Parameters section sets the resources allocated for processes such as reconcile functions.

Setting Default Value Description
reconcileThreadsNumber 10 The number threads allocated to manage reconcile requests.
reconcileWaitExclude false ???
reconcileWaitInclude false ???

Template Parameters

Template Parameters sets the values for connection values, user default settings, and other values. These values are based on ClickHouse configurations. For full details, see the ClickHouse documentation page.

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