Kubernetes Requirements

Kubernetes Requirements.

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere operates inside user’s Kubernetes environment. Kubernetes can be provisioned by Altinity or provided by a user as described in the following section:

Kubernetes installation should satisfy the following criteria in order to work for Altinity.Cloud:

  • Nodes should be annotated with following annotations:
    • node.kubernetes.io/instance-type
    • kubernetes.io/arch
    • topology.kubernetes.io/zone
  • Storage class with dynamic provisioning is required.
  • LoadBalancer services must be supported

Following Kubernetes capabilities are preferrable in order to get the most from Altinity.Cloud features:

  • Storage class should allow volume expansion
  • Multiple zones are preferable for HA.
  • Autoscaling is preferable for easier vertical scaling.

See cloud specific requirements in the following sections:

Recommendations for EKS (AWS)

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere recommendations for EKS (AWS)

Recommendations for GKE (GCP)

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere recommendations for GKE (GCP)

Last modified 2023.05.11: Added Google GKE Installation instructions