Overview of the Rescale operation

This page shows how the Altinity Cloud Manager with an Altinity.Anywhere installation to remotely rescale a customer’s on-prem cluster.

The Ubuntu host the Kubernetes installation is installed on shows the various commmands use to verify the changes made from the ACM.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 1 - Selecting Actions > Rescale from the cluster to modify.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 2 - Changing the number of Shards from 1 to 2.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 3 - Rescale confirmation.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 4 - Nodes in the process of rescaling.

Rescaling a cluster on the ACM

Select a cluster, then use the Actions > Rescale menu to bring up the Rescale Cluster window, then in the Desired Cluster Size, change the Number of Shards from 1 to 2 then press OK, then CONFIRM.

The nodes online pill box will show grey, 2/4 nodes online, then after several minutes, turn green showing 4/4 nodes online. If you do not see the grey 2/4 nodes online, and the nodes online is green and shows 2/2 nodes online, try the rescale operation again.

Ubuntu Kubernetes Commands

Ubuntu command kubectl -n altinity-cloud-managed-clickhouse... showing the Altinity clusters before the rescale operation.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 5 - Kubernetes command kubectl -n <Altinity cluster name> running on-prem, that is managed from also by the ACM.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 6 - The newly added nodes …-demo-1-0-0 after the rescale operation are now listed, showing Pending.

Ubuntu command kubectl get nodes before the rescale operation.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 7 - Kubernetes command kubectl get nodes shows all the nodes on the Altinity ClickHouse cluster.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 8 - The pending node is added as and is spinning up.

The newly spun up shard in cluster-x now reads 4/4 nodes online.

Altinity Clusters ACM
Figure 9 - The Altinity Cloud Manager showing the remotely managed cluster-y with 4/4 nodes online.