20 March 2023 · Read time 1 min

Before installing Altinity.Cloud Anywhere into your environment, verify that the following requirements are met.

Security Requirements

Software Requirements

The following are instructions that can be used to install some of the prerequisites.

kubectl Installation for Deb

The following instructions are based on Install and Set Up kubectl on Linux

  1. Download the kubectl binary:

    curl -LO 'https://dl.k8s.io/release/v1.22.0/bin/linux/amd64/kubectl'
  2. Verify the SHA-256 hash:

    curl -LO "https://dl.k8s.io/v1.22.0/bin/linux/amd64/kubectl.sha256"
    echo "$(<kubectl.sha256) kubectl" | sha256sum --check
  3. Install kubectl into the /usr/local/bin directory (this assumes that your PATH includes use/local/bin):

    sudo install -o root -g root -m 0755 kubectl /usr/local/bin/kubectl
  4. Verify the installation and the version:

    kubectl version