How to install Altinity.Cloud Anywhere on Google Cloud Platform Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

8 May 2023 · Read time 1 min

Overview - Google GKE Installation

This guide covers how to Altinity.Cloud Anywhere to install a Kubernetes ClickHouse environment on the Google Cloud Platform Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

This guide contains the following sections:

What Accounts do you need?

This page assume you have an Altinity.Cloud account and have requested an Anywhere environment, and have a developer Google Console environment set up.

Google Accounts

Altinity Accounts

Google API Permissions

In the Google Console, you must ENABLE the following SDKs for your project:

  • Compute Engine API
  • Kubernetes Engine API

Software Requirements

As a client computer (or cloud machine instance) is being used from the terminal to perform the installation instructions on this page, the following software items must first be installed and various configurations completed.

For the terminal

Last modified 2023.05.11: Added Google GKE Installation instructions