Installing altinitycloud-connect

How to use the Altinity Cloud Manager Connection Wizard to provision a ClickHouse-ready environment to your Google Cloud Platform Google (GCP) Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

8 May 2023 · Read time 1 min

Install altinitycloud-connect

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere includes altinitycloud-connect, a tunneling daemon that creates a secure connection between Google GKE Kubernetes environmenet and the Altinity Cloud Manager.

Install altinitycloud-connect from the following links:

Version check

To verify you have altinitycloud-connect installed, run the following command:

altinitycloud-connect version

# Example Response

# Installation location
where altinitycloud-connect
altinitycloud-connect is /usr/local/bin/altinitycloud-connect

Command-line help

Running the altinitycloud-connect command with no parameters, displays the following options.


  cloud-connect [flags]
  cloud-connect [command]

Available Commands:
  completion            Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  kubernetes            Print Kubernetes manifest
  kubernetes-disconnect Print Kubernetes disconnect manifest
  login                 Log in
  version               Print version

      --ca-crt string        /path/to/custom/ca.crt (defaults to $ALTINITY_CLOUD_CACERT)
      --capability strings   List of capabilities. Supported: aws, gcp, kubernetes (includes all by defaults)
      --debug-addr string    Address to serve /metrics & /healthz on (default ":0")
  -i, --input string         /path/to/cloud-connect.pem produced by login command (default "cloud-connect.pem")
  -u, --url string           URL to connect to (defaults to $ALTINITY_CLOUD_URL, and if not specified, to (default "")

Use "cloud-connect [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Last modified 2023.05.11: Added Google GKE Installation instructions