Setting the Google Project ID

How to use the Altinity Cloud Manager Connection Wizard to provision a ClickHouse-ready environment to your Google Cloud Platform Google (GCP) Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

8 May 2023 · Read time 1 min

Setting your Google Project ID

The Google Project ID manages which environment to use for tracking and billing purposes. This must be set first before you begin the connection and provisioning process.

Check your Google Project ID From your Google console, choose your project ID from the menu in your web browser and check to make sure that is selected in the terminal as follows:

gcloud config get-value project

#example value

If your Google Project ID is NOT listed

If your Google Project ID is NOT listed, then list and set your Google project ID(s) by running:

gcloud projects list

# Example response
PROJECT_ID                      NAME                   PROJECT_NUMBER
any-test-gke                    any-test-gke           1234567890

# Set project ID example
gcloud config set project any-test-gke

Last modified 2023.05.11: Added Google GKE Installation instructions