Logging into Google Cloud

Installing from the terminal.

8 May 2023 · Read time 1 min


For remote terminal installations, you need to login with your Google account. Use the same account you use to log into Google console.


The workflow is:

  • You enter the gcloud auth login command from your terminal as shown in Figure 1.
  • Google provides you with a browser link.
  • You copy the Authorization code from the Google authentication page.
  • You paste the code into your terminal.
  • You are now authenticated and can check your status with the gcloud config list command.

To login to your Google account from a terminal:

  1. Log in with your Google account using the command:

    gcloud auth login
  2. The resulting link URL that is displayed, copy and paste it to your browser.

  3. Copy the authorization code string.

  4. Return to the terminal, and at the Enter authorization code prompt, paste in the string as shown in the following terminal screenshot.

  5. Check which account you are logged into with:

    gcloud config list

Figure 1 - Log into your Google account using gcloud auth login command on your terminal.


Last modified 2023.05.11: Added Google GKE Installation instructions