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Overview of the Rescale operation

This page shows how the Altinity Cloud Manager with an Altinity.Anywhere installation to remotely rescale a customer’s on-prem cluster.

Select a cluster, then use the Actions > Rescale menu to bring up the Rescale Cluster window, then in the Desired Cluster Size, change the Number of Shards from 1 to 2 then press OK, then CONFIRM.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 1 - Selecting Actions > Rescale from the cluster to modify.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 2 - Changing the number of Shards from 1 to 2.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 3 - Rescale confirmation.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 4 - Nodes in the process of rescaling.

Verify rescale from the terminal

The Ubuntu host the Kubernetes installation is installed on shows the various commmands use to verify the changes made from the ACM.

The nodes online pill box will show grey, 2/4 nodes online, then after several minutes, turn green showing 4/4 nodes online. If you do not see the grey 2/4 nodes online, and the nodes online is green and shows 2/2 nodes online, try the rescale operation again.

Use the command kubectl -n altinity-cloud-managed-clickhouse... showing the Altinity clusters before the rescale operation.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 5 - Kubernetes command kubectl -n <Altinity cluster name> running on-prem, that is managed from also by the ACM.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 6 - The newly added nodes …-demo-1-0-0 after the rescale operation are now listed, showing Pending.

Ubuntu command kubectl get nodes before the rescale operation.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 7 - Kubernetes command kubectl get nodes shows all the nodes on the Altinity ClickHouse cluster.

Altinity Anywhere Overview
Figure 8 - The pending node is added as and is spinning up.

The newly spun up shard in cluster-x now reads 4/4 nodes online.

Altinity Clusters ACM
Figure 9 - The Altinity Cloud Manager showing the remotely managed cluster-y with 4/4 nodes online.

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