Recommendations for GKE (GCP)

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere recommendations for GKE (GCP)

Machine Types

NOTE: Depending on machine types & number of instances you plan to use, you may need to request GCE quota increase.

We recommend setting up each node pool except the default one in at least 3 zones.

If you plan on sharing Kubernetes cluster with other workloads, it’s recommended you label Kubernetes Nodes intended for Altinity.Cloud Anywhere with & taint with dedicated=anywhere:NoSchedule.

for Zookeeper and infrastructure nodes

  • e2-standard-2

for ClickHouse nodes

It’s recommended to taint node pools below with dedicated=clickhouse:NoSchedule (in addition to

  • n2d-standard-2
  • n2d-standard-4
  • n2d-standard-8
  • n2d-standard-16
  • n2d-standard-32

If GCP is out of n2d-standard-* instances in the region of your choice, we recommend substituting them with n2-standard-*.

Storage Classes

  • standard-rwo
  • premium-rwo

GKE comes pre-configured with both.

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