System Status

View the status of Altinity.Cloud services.

The System Status page provides a quick view of whether the Altinity.Cloud services are currently up or down. This provides a quick glance to help devops staff determine where any issues may be when communicating with their Altinity.Cloud clusters.

To access tne System Status page:

  1. Login to your Altinity.Cloud account.

  2. From the upper right hand corner, select the Account icon, and select System Status.

    Access user account

System Status Page

The System Status page displays the status of the Altinity.Cloud services. To send a message to Altinity.Cloud support representatives, select Get in touch.

From the page the following information is displayed:

Altinity.Cloud system statut page

This sample is from a staging environment and cluster that was stopped and started to demonstrate how the uptime tracking system works.

  • Whether all Altinity.Cloud services are online or if there are any issues.
  • The status of services by product, with the uptime of the last 60 days shown as either green (the service was fully available that day), or red (the service suffered an issue). Hovering over a red bar will display how long the service was unavailable for the following services:
    • ClickHouse clusters
    • Ingress
    • Management Console

Enter your email at the bottom of the page in the section marked Subscribe to status updates to receive notifications via email regarding any issues with Altinity.Cloud services.