Explore Clusters View

An overview of managing your ClickHouse clusters with Altinity.Cloud.

Explore Clusters View

Once you’ve logged in to Altinity.Cloud, let’s take a moment and familiarize ourselves with the environment. The default page is the Clusters View.

The Clusters View page is separated into the following sections:

Clusters View
  • A: Cluster Creation: Clusters can be created from scratch with Launch Cluster.
  • B: Clusters: Each cluster associated with your Altinity.Cloud account is listed in either tile format, or as a short list. They’ll display a short summary of their health and performance. By selecting a cluster, you can view the full details.
  • C: User and Environment Management:
    • Change to another environment.
    • Manage environments and zookeepers.
    • Update account settings.

Last modified 2022.06.14: release notes and altinity.cloud updats.