Clusters View

Overview of the Clusters section in the Altinity.Cloud Manager.

15 May 2023 · Read time 2 min


The Clusters view page allows you to view your ClickHouse clusters. The top navigation bar includes access to your Account menu. When you are logged into the Altinity Cloud Manager (ACM), select the Altinity.Cloud logo at the top left to take you to the Clusters view page.

  1. Create Clusters - (Launch New Cluster guide)
  2. Clusters - (Cluster Explore guide)
  3. Environment - (Administrator Guide guide)
  4. User Management - (Account Settings guide)

Altinity.Cloud Management Plane
Figure 1 - Clusters View page showing the LAUNCH CLUSTER button, the cluster panels, the Environment menu, and the login user management menu.

Create Clusters

For more information on how to create new clusters, see:


Clusters are displayed as panels or tiles or in a list format. Each cluster that is associated with your Altinity.Cloud account is listed in either tile format, or in a table listing.


Environments are groups of several clusters. Change the environment name to display only those clusters that are members.

  • Accounts that are assigned to multiple Altinity.Cloud environments can select which environment’s clusters they are viewing.

To change to a different Environment:

  1. From the upper right-hand corner of the ACM, select a name (Example: demo) from the Environment.
  2. Or, select the Environments from the left navigation panel, then select an Environment Name (Example: demo).

Figure 2 - Environments view showing the tabular listing of all your environment names and status.

User Management

Your account menu is where you edit your account settings. Options include:

  • My Account - (Email, Role, Password change, Theme)
  • Notifications - (Notices of seminars and access level changes)
  • Billing - (Overview & Summary, Usage Details, Invoices)
  • System Status - (Uptime history bar chart)
  • Documentation - (Altinity.Cloud documentation site)
  • About (the Altinity.Cloud Manager version)
  • Log out

For information about your account profile and settings, see:

Organization Administrators

Organizational Admins have additional options in the left navigation panel that allows them to select the Accounts, Environments, and Clusters connected to the organization’s Altinity.Cloud account.

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