Cluster Monitoring

How to monitor your clusters performance.

Altinity.Cloud integrates Grafana into its monitoring tools. From a cluster, you can quickly access the following monitoring views:

  • Cluster Metrics
  • Queries
  • Logs

How to Access Cluster Metrics

To access the metrics views for your cluster:

  1. From the Clusters view, select the cluster to monitor.
  2. From Monitoring, select the drop down View in Grafana and select from one of the following options:
    1. Cluster Metrics
    2. Queries
    3. Logs
  3. Each metric view opens in a separate tab.

Cluster Metrics

Cluster Metrics displays how the cluster is performing from a hardware and connection standpoint.

Cluster Monitoring View

Some of the metrics displayed here include:

  • DNS and Distributed Connection Errors: Displays the rate of any connection issues.
  • Select Queries: The number of select queries submitted to the cluster.
  • Zookeeper Transactions: The communications between the zookeeper nodes.
  • ClickHouse Data Size on Disk: The total amount of data the ClickHouse database is using.


The Queries monitoring page displays the performance of clusters, including the top requests, queries that require the most memory, and other benchmarks. This can be useful in identifying queries that can cause performance issues and refactoring them to be more efficient.

Query Monitoring View

Log Metrics

The Log monitoring page displays the logs for your clusters, and allows you to make queries directly on them. If there’s a specific detail you’re trying to iron out, the logs are the most granular way of tracking down those issues.

Log Monitoring View

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