Cluster Logs

How to access your cluster’s logs

Altinity.Cloud provides the cluster log details so users can track down specific issues or performance bottlenecks.

To access a cluster’s logs:

  1. From the Clusters view, select the cluster to for alerts.
  2. Select Logs.
  3. From the Log Page, you can display the number of rows to view, or filter logs by specific text.
  4. To download the logs, select the download icon in the upper right corner (A).
  5. To refresh the logs page, select the refresh icon (B).
Cluster Logs Page

The following logs are available:

  • ACM Logs: These logs are specific to Altinity.Cloud issues and include the following:
    • System Log: Details the system actions such as starting a cluster, updating endpoints, and other details.
    • API Log: Displays updates to the API and activities.
  • ClickHouse Logs: Displays the Common Log that stores ClickHouse related events. From this view a specific host can be selected form the dropdown box.
  • Backup Logs: Displays backup events from the clickhouse-backup service. Log details per cluster host can be selected from the dropdown box.
  • Operator Logs: Displays logs from the Altinity Kubernetes Operator service, which is used to manage cluster replication cluster and communications in the Kubernetes environment.

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