Replicate a Cluster

How to replicate an existing cluster.

Clusters can be replicated with the same or different settings. These can include the same database schema as the replicated cluster, or launched without the schema. This may be useful to create a test cluster, then launch the production cluster with different settings ready for production data.

For complete details on Altinity.Cloud clusters settings, see Cluster Settings.

To create a replica of an existing cluster:

  1. From either the Clusters View or the Cluster Details Page, select Actions, then select Launch a Replica Cluster.
  2. Enter the desired values for Resources Configuration.
    1. To replicate the schema of the source directory, select Replicate Schema.

      Replicate Schema
    2. Click Next to continue.

  3. High Availability Configuration, and Connection Configuration.
    1. Each section must be completed in its entirety before moving on to the next one.
  4. In the module Review & Launch, verify the settings are correct. When finished, select Launch.

Depending on the size of the new cluster it will be available within a few minutes. To verify the health and availability of the new cluster, see Cluster Health or the Cluster Availability.

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