How to view the processes for a cluster or node.

The Processes page displays the currently running processes on a cluster or node.

To view the processes page:

  1. Select Explore from either the Clusters View or the Clusters Detail Page.

  2. Select Processes from the top tab.

  3. Select the following node options:

    Select node for query.
    1. Any: Any node selected from the Zookeeper parameters.
    2. All: Run the query against all nodes in the cluster.
    3. Node: Select a specific node to run the query against.

The following information is displayed:

  • Query ID: The ClickHouse ID of the query.
  • Query: The ClickHouse query that the process is running.
  • Time: The elapsed time of the process.
  • User: The ClickHouse user running the process.
  • Client Address: The address of the client submitting the process.
  • Action: Stop or restart a process.

Last modified 2023.05.18: Move Cluster from Admin to General section to match Beta site changes