Query Tool

How to submit ClickHouse queries to a cluster or nodes of the cluster

The Query Tool page allows users to submit ClickHouse SQL queries directly to the cluster or a specific cluster node.

To use the Query Tool:

  1. Select Explore from either the Clusters View or the Clusters Detail Page.

  2. Select Query from the top tab. This is the default view for the Explore page.

  3. Select from the following:

    Query Page
    1. Select which cluster to run a query against.

    2. Select Run DDLs ON CLUSTER to run Distributed DDL Queries.

    3. Select the following node options:

      Select node for query.
      1. Any: Any node selected from the Zookeeper parameters.
      2. All: Run the query against all nodes in the cluster.
      3. Node: Select a specific node to run the query against.
    4. The Query History allows you to scroll through queries that have been executed.

    5. Enter the query in the Query Textbox. For more information on ClickHouse SQL queries, see the SQL Reference page on ClickHouse.tech.

    6. Select Execute to submit the query from the Query Textbox.

    7. The results of the query will be displayed below the Execute button.

Additional tips and examples are listed on the Query page.

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