Integrating SSO via Auth0 into the Altinity.Cloud login page

How to set up single sign-on in Altinity.Cloud


Altinity uses Auth0 so that users who are already logged into other identity providers (Google, Microsoft, or Okta, for example) are automatically granted access to Altinity.Cloud.

The following diagram shows the Altinity.Cloud login process with an SSO provider that uses Auth0. A user clicks the link in the login panel to invoke the SSO provider. The SSO provider returns an Auth0 access token that logs the user into Altinity.Cloud. (Or not, depending on the user’s permissions.)

Launch Cluster wizard screens

Figure 1 – Altinity Auth0 login via an SSO provider

Setting up integration with an enterprise identity provider

It’s straightforward to integrate an Auth0 provider with your Altinity.Cloud account. No matter what provider you’re using, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Gather the following information from your identity provider:
    • The domain you want to use for single sign-on, such as Note: This must match your organization’s domain in your Altinity.Cloud account.
    • The domain set up with your identity provider, such as
    • The Client Secret from your identity provider.
    • The Client ID from your identity provider.
  2. Pass that information along to Altinity support.
  3. Altinity support does the rest.

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